Blue Man

Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Super Power: None

Origin: Unknown

Little is known about Blue Man. We are still trying to understand how this came to be. Here is what we have found: Either Blue Man is UniMarkit, or UniMarkit is Blue Man. We have spent countless hours trying to make this distinction, but have consistently fallen short. It seems as though Blue Man was released from the depths of the UniMarkit app to help college students everywhere buy and sell with each other on campus. It is difficult to confirm this though due to the fact that all Blue Man has done thus far is run around college campuses in excitement. While there is much uncertainty revolving around who this entity is, one thing is certain: Blue Man's story has just begun. 

Blue Man was last spotted running down Comm. Ave. with his UniMarkit cape. If you see him be sure to take a picture and use the hashtag #ISawBlueMan. We do not know where Blue Man will be next, but surely he will be somewhere.