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Five Ways to Make Money on Campus This Fall

By: Joe Taveras

College, a time of celebration, education, and growth, can also be a very stressful four years. Of course there are the stressors of getting assignments in on time, keeping up with office hours, remembering to call home, and maintaining a social life, but there's one source of stress that always finds its way into every situation: money. College is a very expensive couple of years. During college it seems like everything costs money, and a lot of it. It can be really difficult to keep up with the constantly growing expenses. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to make money on campus while still having enough time to get good grades, keep your friends, and eat enough late night food to push you to go to the gym the next morning. Here are a couple of easy ways to make money on campus this Fall:

Start a Student Laundry Service

If you think about it, the average college student does laundry once per week. If they don't, then that's a different story.. If you have some extra time and are looking to earn some money, start a laundry service! Offer to do other people's laundry for a low price. Not only would you have the opportunity to charge a recurring fee to help with their laundry every week, but you could also charge extra to fold their clothes. Start off small doing one persons laundry and pretty soon you could scale it up to a point where you're managing and taking a cut from a thirty person team of laundry geniuses. If you really wanted to, you could singlehandedly monopolize the entire laundry process on your campus. Just saying.

Sell Your Extra Stuff on UniMarkit

Most college students have a bunch of stuff that they no longer use on a daily basis. Right now you could make money selling that stuff on the UniMarkit app. UniMarkit is the easiest way to buy and sell things on campus. Take a look around your dorm right now and I guarantee that there's at least two things that you could sell on UniMarkit for a good profit. Honestly, UniMarkit is the quickest and easiest way to make money on campus. Not sure what you could sell on the app? How about that extra poster that you regrettably purchased the first week of school. We've all been there. Just UniMarkit.

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Drive for Uber/Lyft/Grubhub/Foodler

If you have a car on campus you can easily become a driver for a ridesharing app or a food delivery service. Sure it may take a bit of time to really churn a profit, but if you enjoy driving like I do then this is definitely the option for you.

Work in the Dining Hall

There will always be hungry college kids. Supply and demand right? Earn some extra spending money by working in the dining hall on campus. Depending on what kind of person you are, be sure to choose either the most popular or least popular dining hall to either be seen the most or the least. You can easily find job listings for these positions on your school's website. Or you could just go talk to the people who already work there. But that's work I know. 

Freelance for the Clubs on Campus

Do you like making videos? Do you enjoy taking pictures? Are you good at graphic design? Try being a freelancer for creative work for the wide variety of clubs on your campus! They are always having events that need to be publicized so put your talents to work and charge a reasonable price for it. Most clubs have a hefty budget from the University and, if you're providing value, then they would be happy to pay for your services.

We get it, college is a very expensive period of life. While it may be difficult to make money on campus, there definitely are ways to accomplish this goal. While some of our suggested ideas do require a bit of work, we highly recommend that you try a couple of them out! The worst thing that happens is you learn something new. And it wouldn't hurt if you made a couple bucks in the process right?

August 25, 2018